Introducing the Icade Bitty 8 from Ion Audio! No it’s not a smartphone or a tablet which currently dominat the consumer electronics market, it’s actually a game controller for Android and iOS. The first thing that you should notice is that it bears an amazing resemblance to the 1990’s Nintendo NES and SNES.

New Retro Android and iOS Controller – Icade Bitty 8 – Video

The primary purpose why this device was to let folks who enjoyed playing Missile Command, Atari classic, Pacman and other classic games back in the old days enjoy playing them once more on their iOS and Android devices. It’s available at €24 or $29.99 USD but not all classic games are compatible with these device so be sure to read the brochure when you buy it.

Product Features

  • Works with your iPhone and iPad and fits comfortably in your pocket with a classic retro look
  • Buttons include select, start, 4 face buttons, and 2 shoulder buttons – 8 in total – as well as a D-Pad just the way you like it
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with all iCade games
  • The iCade Bitty 8 is an open development platform, meaning new apps can be added to it without having to acquire any permission from Apple.
  • More than 100 Atari classic games are available

Besides Ion Audio, ThinkGeek also contributed to the design of the iCade Bitty 8 and they’re basically in arcade stylish fashion except now they’re modernized to be compatible with today’s modern devices. Pretty cool isn’t it? Here are some video demo of it.

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