What a day! Microsoft has finally launched Windows Phone 8 and as you might remember, I’ve been constantly complaining about Windows Phone 7 and 7.5! Why? Because it was not quite there! It looked and felt like it had been rushed to market, just so they could have something out there.

Why Competition Drives Innovation in Mobile Computing – Microsoft & Google Launch Events

Windows Phone 7 was one dimensional and for me as a power user a real pain in the ass… Sorry MS, I know you you got the message.
But it seems like Microsoft hs listened to their OEMs who wanted less limitations for the hardware and more importantly, they listened to the users.
We want to be able to customize and personalize our Smartphones and here we go… Microsoft’s mantra of the day was “the most personal Smartphone ever”

HTC, Samsung and Nokia have each launched flagship Smartphones for the Windows Phone platform and they’re all gorgeous. Trust me, I’ve been playing around with all of them and by gorgeous I mean in terms of design, build quality and specs.

Congrats Microsoft. You did something I’ve never expected from you. You listened to the reviewers and your customers, you’ve rethought your whole strategy together with your OEMs and you’ve launched a powerful platform and ecosystem. Now get the message out and you will see it succeed!

And Google?

What a powerhouse! I mean Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 plus Android 4.2 with the amazing upgrade of Google Now? Will Mountain View ever slow down?

It feels that Google is light years ahead in terms of innovation and especially compared to Apple. Our friends from Cupertino have been playing a risk-free and safe game recently. iOS 6 got updates that Android and Windows Phone users have been using for ages. Phones are getting larger, tablets smaller, sometimes thicker, sometimes thinner and all we hear is “it’s great, amazing, spectacular, incredible” and that “it just works”

Google doesn’t need to brainwash us during their presentations. They just let you know what their new devices can do, plus they will saturate the global market with devices that are sporting the very latest components and the best specs you can find, at price points that should make Cupertino switch to DEFCON 1!

Have you looked at the price of the 32GB 3G Nexus 7? It’s gonna be $299! A 32GB iPad mini with a cellular module (ok, it’s LTE.. i hear you) is $559. That’s almost twice the price!

Or the Nexus 4 with 16GB for $349! An iPhone 5 with 16GB is how much again? $679?

Today was an amazing day for each and every Mobile Geek out there. In the next 4 weeks you’ll be able to buy amazing devices from Google, Nokia, HTC and Samsung. I mean, really fantastic phones and tablets that you’re gonna love. You can’t go wrong with any of those because Apple, Google and Microsoft pushed each other to a level, where they reached a quality standard, that’s absolutely mind blowing.

That’s what’s happening when you compete in free and open markets. This is the outcome of innovation, which is driven by competition. That’s why all these companies need to continue to invest into R&D instead of lawyers because otherwise the state of mobile computing would be somewhere near the gear that you can see in the above photo.

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