There is no doubt that Apple has dominated the tablet game and with competition creeping in it seem inevitable that they would turn their attention to the smaller form factor tablet. The 7.9-inch iPad Mini is an attractive tablet trademarked by Apple’s attention to style and detail, but there is a lot to consider especially with the Mini’s stepped-down processor and screen resolution.

Comparison: Apple iPad Mini vs. Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Google Nexus 7

Taking a quick look at the specs below you can clearly see that a clear winner can’t easily be declared, the high resolution display’s of its Android competition will have many over looking the Cupertino special.

What do you think? Did Apple miss the train delivering such a low resolution and under clocked device?

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  • max

    That was quick, battery & ram pls.

  • max

    Also though i know that it got 4400mAh battery roughly and around 300-340 gm weight, still want to know the exact number.

    And since i was never interested in igadgets so i never really cared, but now after seeing this A6X, i doubt that the A5 is not exactly the older 40nm thing instead it is a much newer 32nm thing.

    For your reference the iPad mini has Apple A5, so it is technically a PVR SGX543MP2 and not MP4. But can’t say as apple is doing custom fab.

    Anyways this new A5 should be atleast 30% and 20% more power efficient if it is the new edition A5.

    Please dig some more info on that Nicole.

    • Nicole

      I think we’re really going to have to wait for the benchmarks to come out to really know what’s going on with Apple’s new line, and the iFixit guys to tear it down to really know about RAM and battery. But I’ll keep an eye out. 😉

  • Guest

    RAM: 512 MB.
    This is the same SOC as the iPad 2.
    And it seems to be an A5, not a A5X.
    Battery: 16.3 w/h (compared to the 42.5 of the new and new new iPad)
    All the parts in there are recycled from the iPad 2.

    The specs are really crap.
    This tablet gets destroyed by the Nexus 7 (wich, in a few days, will come for $199 for the 16GB and $249 for the 32GB models) in every way possible.
    Yet, it’s 60+% more expensive.
    I guess the magical ‘Apple user experience’ (mainly the logo) is worth that much. LOL.

    People who are gonna buy it are wannabe iDrones too poor to buy the ‘real’ iPad or too dumb to even read a comparison chart.

  • max

    Oky here is further info.
    Parameter Nexus7 (WiFi) iPadmini (WiFi)
    Screen (Diagonally) Inches 7 7.9
    Height (mm) 198.5 200
    Width (mm) 120 134.7
    Thickness (mm) 10.5 7.2
    Weight (gm) 340 308
    Battery (mAh) 4325 4400


    You have to give it to apple, despite the little bigger screen (around 30% in area) the weight and volume is lower then nexus7.

    Battery is confirmed at around 16Whr, but RAM info is still unclear. Insider reports saying that at this resolution iPad mini is performing reasonably fast with comparison to the fastest Android tablet.

    Can’t say much until we see real benchmarks and not the industrial unit.

    *If table is messed up. Dear Nicole. Please fix.