Chrome for Android on Intel x86 devices is heading your way, if you’re keen to play around with it, you can download Chrome 18.0.1026311 from the official Google Play store.

Chrome For Android Heading to Intel X86 Devices

The release means Android on Intel x86 users will be able to use Chrome and won’t have to deal with any other browser. Big move for Intel but it’s going to take Google a long time to get all the stock Android browsers replaced with Chrome, but this is a good step.

Two weeks ago, Intel ported Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to x86 phones, and given that Jelly Bean ships with Chrome by default, it all adds up. Google just wants to make sure Chrome will work on Intel x86 devices so that it can start phasing out the stock Android browser.

In addition to the usual security and stability improvements, here’s the release log of Chrome for Android M18.1:

  • Location preference now integrated to system level Google apps location setting.
  • Youtube videos controls now work in full screen mode; videos continue playing after a screen lock/unlock.
  • Fixes to make third-party IMEs work better with Chrome.

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  • Jared

    The Chrome browser had improved tremendously since it was originally released. It was hard to give up on Boat Browser, but eventually the decision became easy considering how well Chrome is integrated with the desktop browser and, of course, the great browsing speeds. I’m glad that they’ve figured out how to make it work with Intel processors before it went full scale on the market. It would be a shame if any group of phone users had to miss out on it even if there are some wonderful alternate browsers in the Play Store.

  • MrPetya19

    Chrome isn’t the default browser, since it’s on just one device.