I can’t say that this rumor is completely out of left field, Macotakara has received word that representatives of Apple and Foxconn have been working to source unknown parts from a company with expertise in carbon fiber materials.

Carbon Fiber Apple Product Rumor Resurfaces – This Time with Orders Being Placed

According to my source, some engineer of Apple and Foxconn Technology came on Japanese company, which has carbon production in mid-March, and they requested to develop some sample.

I don’t have information which is ordered by Apple, source told the number of parts is too large to be called “sample”.

It is becoming increasingly common for computers to come with carbon fiber to keep the weight of the device down and increase it’s durability. These rumors have been floating around for 4 years, so we’re actually constantly surprised that no products have come to fruition. Especially since Apple hired Kevin Kenney last year as a senior composites engineer, Kenney had previously served as president and CEO of carbon fiber bicycle frame pioneer Kestrel Bicycles.

Apple better hurry up or risk being left behind, fingers crossed this time the rumor is true.

Via MacRumors Source Macotakara

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