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Should you buy counterfeit batteries? [VIDEO]

A quick search in eBay will bring back a long list of Chinese counterfeit batteries. These guys are making, re-purposing and re-branding batteries like there is no tomorrow. They are often about half the price and can work just as well, but should you get one?

Let’s go through the pros and cons real quick. For starters, we have to mention how much cheaper a counterfeit battery is. For example, you can easily find a $10 original Samsung Galaxy S5 battery (2800 mAh) right now. Meanwhile, a few results lower you will find 3 counterfeit batteries (4300 mAh) and a charger for just $15.

Now, why shouldn’t you buy a counterfeit battery? The main concern is that it may not have the same performance or advertised capacity. In fact, some buyers may not even know they are buying counterfeit batteries. In our video you will see that sometimes they are legit and sometimes they are not.

It’s true that it’s a gamble, but it’s one that some of you may be willing to take. Another popular concern is that some of these 3rd party batteries and chargers may cause phones to explodes. While this can be true, the issue is much more complex than that.

As we explain in the video, both batteries and chargers are supposed to keep the phone secure. In summary, the charger is supposed to stop charging when the battery is full. At the same time, the battery is supposed to stop taking energy from the charger once it’s full.

People who end up with faulty phones and chargers will experience battery issues on rare occasions. Remember exploding phones is something very, very rare.

With that in mind, you should really try to consider your chances next time you see that sweet deal on a battery. Is it worth the risk? Check out our video, starring Nicole Scott and see what she thinks.