Google glasses is a great idea, thin edge of the wedge for a whole new era in wearable computing. There have been rumors of both Apple and Samsung working on their own version of Google’s data enabled smart glasses that were only made available for developers. Patentbolt is reporting that Samsung has such a project of their own in the works and the patent goes by the name of Brain Computer Interface.

Brain Computer Interface: Samsung’s Version of Google Glasses?

If you caught Google’s last keynote, you’ll remember the awesome presentation of Google Glasses where they had people jump out of a plane and repel down the side of the building while making their way onto the stage. It was all live and it went off without a hitch! Samsung is much further away, but they are implementing a slightly different approach as neural activity will be tracked. That’s right, the glasses will be reading your mind!

For example, the alpha waves (8-13 Hz) could be affected if the user concentrates on some actions. Thus, if the concentration pattern is detected, the system is responsive to the signal and to issue instruction to take action to “open file”, “close file”, “copy file”, “clicking”, “paste”, “delete” , “space”, or “inputting characteristics” etc.


“The portable communicating device includes a transparent substrate without opaque shell to allow the user may see-through the display. Therefore, the present invention provides a see-through display visual effect.”

The device is referred to as a “head mechanicsm” that also includes eye tracking that will enable control of the display.

Although Samsung’s patent is shown to have been filed in early Q3 2012 under serial number 543983, the fact is that Samsung’s filing clearly states that they’ve been working on this since 2007, just after Apple’s iPhone official rolled out to the market. That’s somewhat good news because it means that the technology may be further along than one might think.

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