Borderlands has to be one of the best games to hit the streets in a while, I have to admit, even though I’m a take it leave it kind of gamer I couldn’t stop playing this one. It’s only been out a couple of months but it’s already got plans to make its way to iOS according to this leaked ad.

Borderlands Heading to the iPhone & iPad?

Eurogamer uncovered the plans for Bordlands mobile expansion the modified version will include 36 powers, “thousands” of different weapons, and that most essential of game mechanics, a strategic cover system. “Fight for your life” mode will be present on Legends, letting users shoot their way out of near-death scenarios.

Source Gearbox Forums, Via Eurogamer,The Verge

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  • Really?

    BOARDerlands? Really? If you are going to start reviewing games at least get the name right. Jeez.

  • Really?

    Ok getting more frustrated as I actually read your “Review”. “Boardlands” and “only been out a few months”….seriously? This is journalism?