Everyone might be counting Blackbrry out but it looks like they are on track for a 2013 Q1 launch of BlackBerry 10. The new operating system from BlackBerry has suffered from a staggering number of delays but it seems like we’re on our way to seeing the new software and the hardware to go along with it.

BlackBerry 10 Being Tested by 50 Carriers

According to a letter from RIM CEO Thorsten Heins BlackBerry 10 is still on track for a Q1 2013 launch and more than 50 carriers are currently testing the new operating system. This meets timelines that RIM has set out earlier this summer with BB10 being in the hands of carriers by October. I’m happy to hear that they are finally keeping to their schedule, better late than never.

“I’m very pleased to confirm that we have passed a critical milestone in the development of our brand new mobile computing platform, BlackBerry 10,” Heins wrote. “In the last week, BlackBerry 10 achieved Lab Entry with more than 50 carriers — a key step in our preparedness for the launch of BlackBerry 10 in the first quarter of 2013.”

RIM appears to be taking time and care to ensure that the launch goes off without any major technical hitches. We don’t think this will be the savior of BlackBerry especially since they’ve just lost their 4th place spot to ZTE in terms of shipping volumes. Regardless, in the name of competition we hope that this Canadian company sticks around.

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  • LinusX

    Wasn’t it HTC that was overtaken by ZTE recently?

    • Nicole

      ZTE over took Blackberry