RIM surprised everyone by not declaring that their throwing in the towel or at least reported results that aren’t the worst case scenario yesterday.  Now it looks like they’re looking to keep that trend going with their BB10 devices.  A video briefly showed up on Vimeo that showed of two devices, the BlackBerry L series and BlackBerry N series handsets.

First BB10 Devices Show Up in Video & Look Like RIM Didn’t Screw Them Up!

The L series handset, rumored to be the BlackBerry London, is a full-touchscreen device the N series handset aka the BlackBerry Nevada, sports the famous BlackBerry Bold style keyboard, however the menu keys and centralized trackpad have been removed.

BlackBerry 10 is a completely on-screen experience, much like Android Ice Cream Sandwich, so physical menu keys are not required.

The video itself talks about RIM’s plan to pass a BlackBerry 10 device around a group of people, including celebs such as Lady Gaga and J.K Rowling, with each person getting a day to “do something amazing” with the phone.

The handsets don’t look completely off the wall, so the Canadian in my secretly hopes that this company won’t go down in flames as quickly as everyone is predicting.

From CrackBerry via Slash Gear

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  • max

    They could have easily chopped the 2″ bezel on top and 1″ bezel at bottom.

    Even then.. Meh!

    • James

      The amount is about the same for the top, you’re not accounting for the front facing camera!