Mercedes Benz MBUX 2018 Hands On

by Nicole  on January 23, 2018

Mercedes Benz S-Class Learns to Drive Itself – Intelligent Drive World Tour

by Nicole  on January 22, 2018

Autonomous cars are right under your nose, in advanced cars like the Mercedes Benz S-class. They’re being held back while the laws are still coming into shape and as you’ll see though they’re technically ready, they still [...]

Why does a car need its own wallet? ZF Car eWallet Hands On

by Nicole  on January 9, 2018
It’s not a stretch to imagine that an autonomous vehicle is going to need to have autonomy. ZF is imaging a future where the car is able to pay for goods and services on its own.To imagine a world where the car requires autonomy, think of [...]

How Car Sharing is different in Asia because of dense urban environments

by Nicole  on November 20, 2017
The average car is only in use 5% of the time, with the number of megacities set to grow from 31 to 41 by 2030, which will house 9% of the global population. The time has come where we need to rethink the concept of car ownership.Hong Kong is [...]

Does a Car need AI? Meet Audi’s Aicon, an AI focused concept car

by Nicole  on September 12, 2017

As the internet enters everything we have to question if our smart devices are in fact getting smarter. There is no doubt that AI and autonomous drive have the potential to make our roads safer but what would our relationship with the [...]