Nicole is an aspiring gypsy who is addicted to making videos about technology. Based Taipei because of the night markets & her need to get her hands on the latest gadgets 1st.


Audi Innovation Awards 2018 – Uncovering Inspiration in Taiwan

June 11, 2018
Audi Taiwan held their first Innovation Day in Taipei during the popular technology trade show, Computex.Audi Innovation is about shaping the future of smart mobility and fostering a smart mobility community in Taiwan.The concept of Mobility has become increasingly dynamic and it was never more in change than today. Moreover, Taiwan is a perfect environment […]
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OnePlus 6 – Best Tips and Tricks [Oxygen OS 5.1]

May 21, 2018
OxygenOS was made for power users and fans of customization, it is built for the enthusiasts who prefer a cleaner Android experience.  In our OnePlus 6 Tips and tricks video above we show you how to get the most out of your smartphone, here is the video script in case you don’t want to see […]

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