Who doesn’t love shopping online? But when it comes to big purchases like a couch or TV you can never really be sure how they will look in your home before you make the big commitment. Augment is looking to change that, this French startup has launched a free app for Android and iOS that lets you integrate augmented reality into any online site so that you can see how your new Ikea couch looks in your home. We also got to check out Amazon integration as well as some fun photos with characters.

Augment Reality App Gives You the Ability to Try Before You Buy

Any online shop can implement the ability to have their products available in 3D all it takes is a 3D model and a few lines of code on their site. They are targeting e-merchants or brands but their latest updates adds in gyroscope functionality so if you’re an architect you’ll be able offer a full tour of your building, inside and out. It’s actually a great feature to see added since when you turn your device to the stars to get a good look around you loose the printed out marker. This has been one of the missing features in two person game play, as you get into the what ever board game you’re playing you will, and always during a crucial moment of the game, lose track of the board and of course miss your chance to pull ahead. Getting back to more real world applications 3D developers who are using 3D printing will definitely want to take advantage of this.

If you guys want to check it out they’ve got a 3D model of the iPad Mini for you to peruse. Here is a link to the Google Play download if you’re after that.

Try it at home

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