ASUS expected to release the Taichi dual screen ultrabook with the rest of Windows 8 on October 26th, but its release has been delayed time and time again. In the US, the Taichi is not expected to be available until December at the earliest. Whether or not ASUS manages to get it together by then remains unknown.

ASUS Taichi Dual-Screen Windows 8 Ultrabook Delayed – ‘Til When? Nobody Knows

After the Taichi missed the October date, a spokesperson for ASUS stated that the company intended to release the dual screen ultrabook in November. It’s now the end of November and the device has not materialized. Amazon and Newegg have stopped selling the Taichi altogether and The 11.6 inch and 13 inch models are no longer available anywhere for pre-order.

ASUS is unclear about when it will finally be up for sale. One spokesperson mentioned that ASUS hoped for a December sale date, but warned that it could be later than that. ASUS has been very uncommunicative regarding the reasons behind the delay. Regardless of what spokespeople have said, it’s clear that we’re in for a long wait.

Source: TheVerge


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