ASUS has intentions to launch a cloud service in the first half of 2013, but they aren’t waiting to leverage their technology until then as today they have announced the Health Cloud Alliance together with the Department of Health, 11 hospitals and Telco Far East Tone.

ASUS Health Cloud Alliance Launched in Taiwan

The cloud computing concept is simple. The emergence of high speed broadband and related advances means that data moves through networks drastically faster than it did even a few years ago. The most immediate benefit of this is that it has largely eliminated geography.

There are countless advantages to launching cloud services and the modernization of the healthcare system is going beyond the implementation of Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR). Sharing EHR data across  facilities in different geographic locations. Using cloud  applications will ensure that patients get treated on time, regardless of location and facility.

ASUS with a host of other partners is showing off how their tablets and other technology can be used for remote patient monitoring or tele-health. Wireless patient monitoring devices can allow for the monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate and glucose to name a few and enable patient data to be transmitted between different locations.

As a part of the alliance ASUS will be offering up hardware as well as a software application that will come with 5GB of cloud storage.  Since the application has yet to launch exactly what types of data will be monitored and stored is still up in the air.

Here is a quick video if you want to see what the hardware in its early stages look like.

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