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ASUS EeeBook E202 hands-on: the perfect netbook for the road warrior

Remember when netbooks were all the hype? That was years ago, before mobile devices came to replace the smaller laptops we once called the kings of the road. There’s no doubt there’s still some demand for such portable computers, though. ASUS keeps this in mind and periodically releases devices like the EeeBook E202.

What makes netbooks awesome? Our very own Sascha Pallenberg still loves and uses them. Nothing can really replace a good netbook – they tend to be affordable, powerful enough for most casual tasks, the keyboards are much better than what mobile devices offer, the specs can also be a little superior and they always come with a full Windows OS.

The ASUS EeeBook E202 fits right into all these descriptions, and it improves upon them in some ways. Let’s run you through the specs first.

ASUS EeeBook E202 specs

This little laptop is definitely not a bad contender. Based on the short time we spent on it, we can tell you it performs relatively well. It’s no performance machine, for sure, but it’s not meant to be. We are not sure about pricing and availability, but expect this guy to be priced at under $200. You can also be sure there will be other versions (probably cheaper).

Check out our hands-on video and let us know what you think. Is there still room in your bag for a nice Notebook, or have you abandoned that form factor by now?