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Lenovo shows new AR Headset & Several Ai Concepts

At its third annual Tech World innovation summit, Lenovo was hyper focused on Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. AR devices focused on for the masses and enterprise focused headsets could be found in between a ton of AI demos.

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing summed up their vision succinctly ” I.T. will no longer mean Information Technology, but rather an Intelligent Transformation”. Pushing the boundaries of traditional technology has been an industry wide focus but today’s Tech World demos are key products in generating the data and beginning the real world testing process.

daystAR – AR Headset

Lenovo’s daystAR headset is a stand-alone vision processing unit with a 40-degree field of view. It doesn’t need to be connected to a phone or a PC, and the company expects developers to use its homegrown AR platform to create apps for the device.


Lenovo is very focused on coming out with enterprise focused AR, back at CES they announced a rough prototype and today they showed their next generation headset.  A large battery pack that fits around the neck and a more refined feeling track pad on the side. If were to venture a guess I’d say it’s probably exactly in line with Google’s new Glass EE edition. They even showed a prototype with safety glasses that also had a bone conductive headset built in.


The SmartVest is a ECG-equipped piece of clothing that has 12 sensors offering very accurate heart rhythm monitoring. The main advantage is using the extra data to train for increased stamina. We expect the fitness focused apparel to hit the streets in 8-12 months at an unknown price point.


SmartCast+, which is supposed to boast a lot more capabilities than the speakers with voice assistants of today, such as Amazon’s Echo and its own Echo clone. If the smart speaker-projector ever becomes a real product, Lenovo wants to give it the ability to recognize sounds and objects, as well as to deliver AR experiences by projecting images onto a wall or a screen.

CAVA – Personal Assistant

Lenovo is also eyeing the creation of an AI assistant called CAVA that’s smarter than Siri and Alexa. The company wants to use deep learning to create facial recognition systems and natural language understanding technologies for the AI. That way, CAVA can truly understand your messages and make recommendations based on what you tell it. If you tell CAVA that you have a meeting in two hours, for instance, it can automatically check the weather and traffic conditions to tell you when to leave.

We had a great time at Lenovo Tech World and would like to disclose that travel sponsorship was provided with no expectation of coverage.