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How to Fall in Love with Your FitBit, Again

Did someone you love get a FitBit for Christmas? It might be time to charge yours up and find way to leave the 42% of people who gave up on their fitness tracker 6 months after strapping it on.

Here are a few tips on how to fall in love with your FitBit all over again

Change Your Step Goal

Every fitness tracker suggests that you hit 10,000 steps a day, but if you’re struggling to make 6,000, it’s OK to lower it to something more manageable like 7,000. Once you’re hitting 7,000 at least 4 days a week, bump it up to 7,500. If you’ve never changed your goal past 10,000 but you’re regularly getting 12,000 steps – set your goal to 13,000 and see how you do!

Change your Active Minute Goals

I’ve always resented that 2000 steps running and 2000 steps walking were counted as the same number of steps. That’s why Active minutes are so important, I might have 60 minutes of activity where I’m really working out, but this only gets me 1000 steps. Think about increasing your active minute goal and perhaps decreasing your step goal, if you’re doing HIIT or cross training you might be very active but not get many steps in.

You should be using your FitBit to challenge yourself, you might think of setting different activity goals every week.

Take a look at the natural flow of your day, if you’re hitting 30minutes with out even going to the gym, then think about increasing your active minutes. Or maybe this week you really want to hit the gym everyday, increase your active minutes to reflect that goal.

Socialize: Recruit Your Competitive Friends

The best way to keep your fitness goals is to be accountable, the best way to do that is to join a community to help you stay on track. It’s nice when your spouse or friends are supportive, but if they’re cheating, they might pressure you to cheap. So it’s good to have a separate support network to lean on.
Your Fitbit dashboard is especially useful, because you can add friends, share your goals and data, and motivate each other to keep going. You can also tap into a larger Fitbit community through your Facebook friends and contacts.

Start or Join a Workweek Hustle or Weekend Warrior challenge. Call out your inner competitor and don’t let your friends steal that trophy from you!

How to Find friends if you don’t have any

I’ve been using fitness trackers for years, Xiaomi’s Mibands were always my go to, but I had no friends. If you can’t find friends on your social networks, you can try Fitbit’s Communities. You can join a Group right in Fitbit, I would start there, but if that doesn’t work there are groups in your favorite social networks too.

Try searching Facebook for “FitBit,” and ask to join one or two of groups. You can overshare your fitness triumphs or struggles in these groups and they won’t show up on your timeline. You’ll actually be sharing to people who care about fitness and not your friends who might get annoyed and unfriend you for oversharing.

If you don’t want to share, creep the group and approach people who you think would be good to be in a challenge, leave a comment and ask to be their FitBit friend. Before you know it you’ll have your own FitBit community.

Turn on your notifications

It’s easy to ignore your FitBit if it’s not sending you notifications. So turn them on, pay attention to them and feel the pressure to be a slave to your fitness tracker.

Join StepBet

If you want to make sure that you’ll stick to a routine, why put your money where your mouth is? Just the thought of losing money is enough to get this body moving. The price of admission for Stepbet is just $40 and you have a chance to win money if you’re feeling competitive.

You set your step goals and get a warm up week to see how it works, at the end of the week you decide if you want to keep going, if you don’t you get a refund.

The only way you loose money is if you don’t move. If you meet your goals you’ll get your money back, you can also win money on stepbet, a friend of mine shared her winnings email with me and she won $49.49! Putting real money on the line is a good way to keep motivated.

Make it a Habit

Creating and changing habits can take days, weeks, or even months. Pay attention to different features in the app, if you want to drink more water, at the end of the day see how you did, hit the number of glasses of water you drank. Try buying a jug of water and leaving it on your desk, you can see how much water you have left and try to finish it by the end of the day. Or simply start your day with a big a glass of water to kick off the new habit.

Sleep is just as activity when it comes to Fitness

I struggle sleep, so I rely on my Fitbit tracker to track my personal sleep trends. If I feel like I’ve had a good night sleep I don’t check my tracker, seeing that you’ve had a poor night sleep can derail your whole day. Instead I check in at night on how I slept the evening before. I’ll check things like room temperature and sound and try to create a good environment for sleep. Noting things like caffine and alcohol intake should be considered when trying to get better Z’s.

Gear Up

It might sound superficial, but the right clothing can do wonders when it comes to motivation. Think about picking up something new, anything that will get you excited to work out. Some day’s it might take every trick in the book to get you off your butt.

Do you have a Good Workout playlist?

The best music apps for working out expose you to new music while also keeping you feeling pumped. Some offer music specifically designed for running, while others cater to more kinds of exercise, like yoga, Zumba, Spinning, salsa dancing, cycling just to name a few. FIT Radio is one of the best options for people who do a lot of different kinds of workouts, offering an expansive array of genres for any kind of workout.

Spotify, has a feature called Spotify Running for Premium members that finds the beat of your footfalls as you run and then matches the music to your cadence. You’ll need to have Spotiy Premium, but once the app finds your tempo, it leaves the beats-per-minute setting alone, so your music becomes a metronome of sorts.

RockMyRun has a similar feature, only the music it plays speeds up and slows down in real time as your cadence changes.

Runtastic has Story Runningn which is a series of short stories you listen to over music. You have mysteries, adventure, science-fiction and have background music, and are about 35 minutes long. They even have built-in warmup and cool-down times.

If you’re using a app that you think we need to know about, drop us a comment, we’re always up for trying new things.

Eat Well

They say that achieving your Fitness goals is 70% what you eat and 30% workouts. Who knows if this is true or not, but regardless eating well is an important part of your health. Fitbit give you the ability to track what you eat, it’s convenient. However after the initial honeymoon period of watching what you eat to meet your calorie goals it doesn’t help me eat to different diets.

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a fad dieter, I try to eat well all the time but every few months I really try to eat clean, or keto or raw and I’ve never found calorie counters like MyFitnessPal or FitBit to be really helpful in eating to whatever new trend I want to try for a while.

Lifesum, is an app that’s meant to be a lifestyle coach as well, apart from reminding me to drink water more often I’m not really sure it does that. But it does do a great job in teaching me how to eat to different diets. I went Keto and for a week I thought I was living up to the diets expectations, until I forked out the hefty 3.75 if you sign up for 12 months or 8.33 a month for 3 months or the 8.99 a month which is what I went with. I don’t want to pay $45 a year for a calorie tracker, especially since there are so many great free ones out there. I really didn’t mind $8.99 to learn how to eat to these diets, because when you pay the money, you take it more seriously.

If you have any tips for how to fall in love with your FitBit all over again, leave them below. If it’s really good, we’ll update the article to include it!