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How ARM wants to improve the Internet of Things

All the products and gadgets we have seen at Computex 2015 are exciting, but we sure have to keep in mind what is to come in the tech industry. The next big thing in tech is the Internet of Things, which will keep all our devices connected and smart.

Everyone is trying to jump on this market early, and now we know ARM is not staying behind on this. Computex was ARM’s moment to shine and they announced some technology that will enable developers and serve as a foundation for all IoT devices to come.

We spend some time talking to James Bruce, director of mobile solutions at ARM. The interview is quite interest and we go into detail about the things ARM announced at Computex 2015. James also goes into detail about what he (and ARM) envisions for the future of the Internet of Things.

I believe the most important announcement ARM made at Computex was their partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC). This partnership will result in the production of a subsystem (or platform) which will allow manufacturers to focus on making their great ideas a reality.

These subsystems will come with processing power and flash memory. They are also smaller, cheaper and consume less power than usual. These will run at under a volt, which will ultimately reduce battery consumption.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy the interview below. This was a very interesting interview. Bruce gave us a good look at what is coming, with the Internet of Things right about to take off.