New details are emerging about a patent application that has been published by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office today. In the application, Apple has proposed an iPhone that would sport a flexible wraparound display. The application also consists of a diagram that showcases an iPhone like device with the display enclosed within a transparent housing (made of glass).

Is Apple Working On An iPhone With a Flexible Display?

This is what the patent application states:

“This paper describes various embodiments that relate to an apparatus, method, and computer readable medium for creating a portable electronic device with a wraparound display. In one embodiment, a consumer electronic product is described. The consumer electronic product includes at least a transparent housing and a flexible display assembly enclosed within the transparent housing. In the described embodiment, the flexible display assembly is configured to present visual content at any portion of the transparent housing.

In one aspect of the described embodiment, the consumer electronic product includes a second flexible display assembly. The second display acts to present visual content in cooperation with the flexible display assembly.”

From what is evident from the application, the transparent housing made of Glass would be strong as well as radio transparent – meaning which it could be used to house a wireless device without the fear of the glass body interfering with its ability to communicate. The glass enclosure could also be coated with an oleophobic coating due to which it would be resistant to fingerprints and smudges. There would be an anti-reflective coating too that would aid in the readability of the same by reducing glare. Another interesting thing that the patent application states is the fact that a flexible glass display would allow them to provide users with additional viewing area without physically increasing the size of the device. As evident from the diagram, Apple would eventually move on to virtual buttons instead of the hardware buttons that yu are so used to on the current iPhones.

Apple’s Scott Myers, a product designer with the company has been credited with this patent. It would be interesting to note who Apple would be dependent on when it comes to making these flexible bendable displays. Apple’s archrival Samsung has in the past showcased prototype devices that use their flexible displays. Do you think Apple would turn to Samsung who at present seems to be leading the race in manufacturing bendable displays?

[Via iPhoneHacks]

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