After a woman died in China after she used her iPhone while it was plugged in using a third party USB power adapter, Apple has launched a USB adapter trade-in program. In a bold move, the company will accept third party USB adapters from people who own it and sell customers official Apple USB adapters for $10. That price is almost half the price at which Apple sells its “original” adapters. These USB adapters would be compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod USB using which people can charge their devices using wall outlets.

China Incident Forces Apple To Launch USB Adapter Trade-in Program

In a press release, Apple announced that it was rolling out this “USB Power Adapter Takeback Program” owing to reports of unsafe third party adapters being used and one of them also resulting in the death of an Apple product owner. In the statement, Apple says “While not all third party adapters have an issue, we are announcing a USB Power Adapter Takeback Program to enable customers to acquire properly designed adapters. Customer safety is a top priority at Apple.”

As for the program, it will kick start starting August 16. If you happen to own any such third party adapters all you need to do is to drop into a nearest Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider and give away your existing adapter in exchange for the original adapter. The old adapter would be disposed off in an environmentally friendly way – claims Apple

To avail this trade in facility, all you need to bring is their Apple product for serial number validation. Every iOS product owner is entitled to one USB adapter for $10. The program would end on October 18 this year.

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  • Steve

    Didn’t they say there was no way they could tell at that stores if it was a fake charger? Hopefully Nicoles not using one of these. Please not, for her safety. If fact, drop the whole iphone thing its time to move on. 41MP ring a bell?

  • LinusX

    Smart move by Apple! I’m sure they didn’t sell any of their original adapters in China at 20$ so far. So it’s very good publicity for a reasonable price cut.
    Linus X.