As expected, Apple is back in the San Jose courts where they won their first patent case against Samsung back in August. Remember the one that left Samsung with $1.4 billion in damages. According to Bloomberg, Apple brought the court an argument on why 17 devices (including the Galaxy Note 10.1) should be added to the their second patent infringement case against Samsung. So what grounds is Apple using to go after these latest products? They’re all compatible with a stylus (even though they don’t all ship with one).

Apple Goes After Stylus Compatible Samung Devices in latest Patent Suit

The only device that they are going after that is not stylus compatible is the Galaxy Nexus, and the reason they threw it into the mix holds a very slippery slop. Apple was clear that the Galaxy Nexus should also be added to the suit simply because it’s running “the Jelly Bean operating system.” So of course Samsung argued that adding this device opens the door to all devices running Jelly Bean. Apple claims they will only target the Nexus and no other devices. Let’s hope they stick to their word on this matter if the Judge does add the Nexus to the suit.

Samsung also tried to argue that Apple waited too long to include the Galaxy Nexus in their latest claim, with Apple maintaining they were only waiting for all carrier variants of the Nexus to receive Jelly Bean. Something that took longer than expected thanks to Sprint and Verizon slower update process.

What is interesting about this suit is that Apple has already tried to go after the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and lost, so what they’ve got up their sleeve in regards to the stylus has me curious.

Judge Grewal wasn’t quick to issue a ruling just yet, scheduling the trial for a 2014 date. Apparently, he wanted to deny both sides their requests but knew it would only cause a new round of lawsuits to spring forth. Sounds like he knows Apple’s reputation all too well.

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  • Jay

    So Apple has the patent for devices with pen digitizers?
    While their at it they better sue Lenovo, Fujitsu, Asus, and Toshiba. Funny… I don’t see any Macbooks with pen digitizers last I heard you had to buy a Modbook for that.

  • Ismail Adiputra (@smile_fadillah)

    Why Jelly Bean??????

    • Nicole

      It’s going to be interesting what they have to say when they go to court. So far they are only saying Jelly Bean!