Apple has just kickstarted its trade-in campaign for iPhones at its US stores starting today. As the name suggests, this trade-in program would let users buy a new iPhone at a reduced cost in exchange for old iPhone models. Apple will buy back the old iPhones and the costumer would get a “discount” on a newer model he wishes to purchase. This discount would be dependent on the condition of the old iPhone that the customer surrenders to Apple.

Apple Launches Trade-in Program For Old iPhones

In a statement issued by Apple, a company spokesperson quips:

“iPhones hold great value. So, Apple Retail Stores are launching a new program to assist customers who wish to bring in their previous-generation iPhone for reuse or recycling. In addition to helping support the environment, customers will be able to receive a credit for their returned phone that they can use toward the purchase of a new iPhone.”

It was back in June 2013 that rumors about the possibility of Apple introducing a trade-in program first emanated. There was a report by Bloomberg that said that the program would debut in July. That was obviously delayed and finally Apple decided to launch in August 2013. Incidentally, Apple is not the pioneer for such trade in schemes for iOS devices. BestBuy too has been around for quite sometime and has had decent success with their iPhone trade-in programs.

With Apple expected to launch its new iPhone on September 10 – supposedly, it seems many potential iPhone 5S users might rush in to avail this trade-in offer. Would you be interested as well?

[Via PcMag]

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  • Steve

    Apple trade ins, Google lowering phone prices, Nokia’s new candy bar, what’s that say about the economy?

    I would love to be at an Apple store just watching the faces of those Apple iphone users trading in those phones and finding out their phone is only worth how much???