Everyone has heard that the iPhone 5 has been released and that it’s thinner, lighter and faster. So Jimmy Kimble decided to take to the streets with an iPhone 5 to see what people thought about it. The thing is, the iPhone 5 hasn’t been released so he used an iPhone 4S.

Apple: Jimmy Kimmel Proves Apple Users Don’t have a Clue – Comedy

You just have to see it to believe it!

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  • http://www.WinningStack.com Adarsh Menon

    I’m an Apple user. I guess I don’t have a clue. :-(

  • Chuck Daly

    The iPhone 4 and 4s look almost identical except for breaks or creases in the aluminum border on the sides, just before the upper rounded corners. Although its hard to tell from the video, but those breaks/creases can’t be seen. That faux iPhone 5 may actually be an iPhone 4 rather than a 4s, which makes the video that much more funny.

    • Nicole

      They held it up side by side with their own iPhone 4S. . . .

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