We had (in fact our German co publication) back in December 2012 first reported about the news regarding the possibility of Apple coming up with a wearable watch type gadget. Most likely to be christened the iWatch, we now have reports coming in from various sources claiming that Apple has started testing designs for this wearable gadget. The device according to a BloomBerg report will resemble a small scale iPhone and like most iDevices of today would run iOS.

Apple iWatch Is For Real; To Be Made Available Later This Year: Reports

The report also adds that in the current stage of its development Apple is working on tweaking the battery life of the device – which they hope to be around four or five days from the current reported figure of just two odd days. It is also being reported that Apple is in talks with its old time partner Hon Hai Precision Industry Company to manufacture this new device.

Also to be noted is that back in 2011, Apple has reportedly filed for a patent application that talked about a “Bi-stable spring with flexible display”. If that went over your head, let me simplify it for you (sort of). That patent talked about a contraption that constituted a bi-stable spring that would be made out of thin steel and would come wrapped in a fabric covering. This in turn would be heat-sealed. The device would also have a display that would be located at one side of the bracelet (akin to a watch) with a logic board and battery stuck on to the other side.  The patent application also indicated that this device would come with a bunch of sensors onboard it and would also support wireless charging.

Anyway, do you think you would be lining up outside your nearest Apple Store to buy this one once this thing is out?

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  • http://q335r49.wordpress.com Leon

    Jesus christ that is awesome. And I hate Apple. The last awesome watch I had was the Timex Datalink, but I stopped wearing it because it ate up the batteries.. (about 2 months, non-rechargable) plus, it was remarkably fragile for a Timex (water damage)…

    Please make it at least waterproof… that’s actually very likely. You can probably seal it up because of the touchscreen / no moving parts. I used that datalink for *everything* — parking times, work times, appointments, birthdays, etc.

    .. actually, on second thought, I kind of wish they would just come up with a watch with a universal calendar, and a sophisticated alarm, and a lap system, which the datalink had. And make it easy to set, and indestructible.

    Actually, just bring back the datalink :’-(