Apple, which famously wastes no time in suing companies that imitate their stuff has been slapped with a class action lawsuit by Florida based lawyer because company’s iTunes movie rental service supposedly charged him for an HD movie rental when his older generation iPhone was incapable of playing it back.

Apple Sued For Delivering HD Content To Old iPhones

It has been sometime since Apple had started promoting the more expensive HD video content on the iTunes Store. As it turns out, whenever you purchase a video, by default, Apple used to suggest the user to get the higher quality HD version – even if the device being used could not support it. This has resulted in many people paying for something that they did not actually get.

The Lawyer noticed this issue after he downloaded the more expensive (by $1) HD version of the movie “Big Daddy” from the iTunes store in 2010. Even though he purchased the HD version, since his phone was a generation old, only the SD version was delivered to him.

This issue cropped up with the launch of iTunes 8.0 back in 2010 since which the option to download HD became the default option on the iTunes store. This is what the complaint actually states:

Despite the fact that Apple makes the HD version of the content offerings the default rental option, Apple failed to disclose to customers using SD Apple mobile devices that the device could not play the HD content being rented, and that the customer was needlessly paying the premium for the HD option

All said, Apple has now added a disclaimer that warns the user about this anomaly. However the case wants Apple to come clean and pay all those users who unknowingly paid for HD content and were delivered only SD content.

More info here.

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