If you have been following the tech space for the past few years, you might be aware of the fact that it was in 2005 that Apple decided to use Intel manufactured chips on their computers. A year later, in 2006 the entire line up of Apple made computers switched from the Freescale and IBM made “PowerPC” processors to the x86 chips made by Intel. Ever since, both the companies have been touting their warm, friendly relationship at every possible public platform. If we are to believe fresh reports however, this seven year old friendship might be under some sort of strain as Apple has reportedly decided to move away from Intel supplied processors.

Apple Might Dump Intel; Use Their Own Processors On Macs

According to Bloomberg, Apple is contemplating switching its computer line-up to an entirely new architecture in the future – based on ARM processors. This indirectly means that the company might end its partnership with Intel. With Apple already experienced in making its own ARM based chip for its entire lineup of mobile devices, the company seems to be confident of designing future processors that would be based on the ARM architecture. These processors, Apple believes would be powerful enough to power the personal computers of the future. ARM based processors are already popular for their small size and incredible computing prowess. All of Apple’s mobile devices use powerful processors based on this very architecture.

With the recent launch of Windows RT –  a full fledged desktop-plus tablet Operating System designed for ARM based devices, we have also seen a long time Intel partner – Microsoft also openly supporting the ARM architecture – the same architecture which was hitherto thought to be good only for “not so powerful” mobile devices. That perception is fast changing with each passing day – thanks to the screaming hardware that ARM based devices sport these days.

Another major reason for Apple to consider this switch is the fact that a vast majority of Apple’s sales now come from ARM based devices. The company also aims to offer a seamless user experience across multiple platforms. This experience would only be bettered if they move to mutually compatible chips across their various product lines. This could also mean much easier job for developers who would be able to develop apps for both PC’s and mobile devices – without having to worry about the difference in the processor architecture.

Anyway, let us also remind you that at this point in time, this is just an unconfirmed rumor. We do advise you to take this one with the traditional pinch of salt. Some analysts are of the opinion that this rumor might be just a minor warning to Intel from Apple who were reportedly unhappy with the new processors that they supplied for the new retina display laden MacBooks.

Anyway, the possibility of an entirely new line up of Macs based on ARM processors in the distant future cannot be ruled out completely. What do you think?


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  • Chuck Daly

    While it clear iOS devices helped boost Mac sales, I also think the move to Intel processors was used by Apple to ease the mind of potential converts by a Mac’s ability to run windows natively. Switching to an ARM based processor may be great from a technological standpoint, but very questionable from a marketing standpoint. Apple doesn’t openly advertise the ability of Macs to run Windows, but its the sales staff in Apple stores are very quick to do so.