Apple, the fruit themed gadget maker based out of Cupertino, California has reportedly applied for the trademark “iWatch” in the Japanese market. While, it might be premature for us to deduce that the application of this trademark marks the imminent arrival of an Apple “iWatch”, rumor mills have been abound discussing the possibility of Apple coming up with a wearable gadget in the not too distant future.

Apple applies for “iWatch” Trademark in Japan

This could also be seen as Apple’s way of protecting future trademark – which the company might use provided they come up with the mythical iWatch soon. Apple is famously known to have ended up in legal wrangles over trademarks in various countries where someone else already owned trademarks to various “i-products” way before Apple even thought of them. All said, the filing for the Japanese trademark adds that the “iWatch” would be a handheld computer or watch. The filing was submitted earlier in June and was only recently made public.

It was a few months ago that rumor mills were abound about Apple coming up with an “iWatch”. As the norm is, Apple has been very secretive about this project and has officially never admitted nor denied that they are designing a new wearable gadget. The moniker “iWatch” itself was coined by people propagating the rumor – partly because it was only logical that Apple would resort to such a name for any wearable watch like device if they indeed end up making one.

There were also reports that talked about the possibility of Apple reportedly having started work on such a device and that it would be based on iOS. A Chinese blog had also late last year reported that Apple was tying up with Intel for this same device which back then was rumoured to sport an OLED display.

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