That was pretty quick! Barely 24 hours have passed since our last report about the possibility of Apple coming up with a new high capacity iPad and lo! We have the official announcement from Apple!

Apple Announces the 128 GB iPad

The company has just announced the until recently rumored 128 GB version of the 9.7 inch iPad earlier today. The memory capacity of the top-of-the-line iPad until now used to be 64 GB. With this announcement, that capacity has been doubled. Apart from the added memory however, there are no further hardware additions to the iPad. It is the same dual-core A6X processor and 2 gigabtyes of RAM under the hood – and not to mention, the same high resolution retina display seen on the older models.

As expected, the updated model will get a price bump – thanks to the doubling of storage space. Before we tell you the pricing, let us also tell you that like its siblings, the 128 GB iPad too would come in two versions the Wi-Fi only and the Wi-Fi + LTE capable one. Apple has priced the 128 GB Wi-Fi model at $799, while the LTE model will cost $929.

It seems Apple is targeting people who are on their iPads all the time and would appreciate the extra space addition. This category might include professionals on the go who might require all their data to be collated at one place, avid on the go movie freaks and of course, that friendly neighborhood avid gamer.

The 128 GB iPad will be available starting on Tuesday, February 5 2013.

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