Google IO 2013 was the launch pad of tons of new android services and features, but there was one thing that was most notably missing, an actual upgrade to android. Where was Android 4.3? There was enough speculation about it, heck blogs were even confirming that it was going to be launched hours before the keynote, yet the three and half hours passed and we never actually learned about the infamous 4.3 update.

No Android Update at Google I/O 2013 was the Big News

Instead we learned about a new Maps experience, Google Play got 41 updates; Google Now is more conversational and offers a whole bunch more information and functionality; Google game services is upping the ante on all your Android devices and Google Play Music, All Access is going to completely change how music works on your Android device.

If we take a minute to think about it, I could have said Android 4.3 has a ton of new features and then gone through the exact same list. The absence of a new version of Android is actually note worthy and pretty exciting because this is Google’s answer to fragmentation. I’ve got a video below where I go into more detail about the non announcment at Google I/O 2013.

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