After Google decided to call the newest version of Android “KitKat”, a bunch of young guns from India have started an online campaign to name the next version of Android (the one after “KitKat”) to be named after an Indian sweet called the Ladoo (can also be spelt Laddoo or Laddu). For the uninitiated, a Ladoo is a round sweet dish commonly made of flour and sugar. There are many variants of the Ladoo and the sweet is popular across the entire Indian subcontinent – including Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.

Techies In India Want The Next Android Version To Be Called Ladoo!

The people behind the campaign is a 500 Startups backed online shopping research site Pricebaba who in the past had also campaigned for the Android version starting with K to be called “Kaju Katli” – another Indian sweet. While that campaign did not succeed, it seems they are not ready to give up easily. The campaign has already managed to evoke decent support with over 4000 people signing up for the campaign. The campaign has also evoked criticism from some tech circles within India who claim that the demand is unrealistic and that the move is just a publicity stunt.

The Ladoo team however seems unperturbed. They are sending across a packet of non perishable Ladoo’s to the Google Headquarters in California to tell them Google head honchos why they think Android Ladoo makes perfect sense. They seem to be further emboldened by the fact that the Android team is currently led by Sundar Pichai – a Ladoo eating Indian.

In another campaign, students from Sundar Pichai’s alma mater, the IIT Kharagpur (Indian Institute of Technology) has started a campaign to call the next Android version “Lassi”.

Looks like, the Indians themselves are divided over what name to pitch for the next Android version. All said, does anyone of you seriously think Google would give in to campaigns like these? Would you like to have a phone powered by the Android Ladoo?

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