The latest version of Android – the butter-smooth 4.2 JellyBean has reached a very healthy-looking adoption rate of 10.2 percent – according to latest data released by Google.  The previous version of Android – IceCream Sandwich is at a steady 29.1 percent. The surprising this however is the fact that well over a year and half after its initial appearance, Android 2.3 Gingerbread continues to remain popular.

Android 4.2 JellyBean Adoption Rate Crosses 10 percent

The age old version of Android still enjoys a huge 47.6 percent share of the global Android pie – even as newer, faster and better equipped Android versions are around. The slowest adoption rate was incurred by IceCream Sandwich – and now that JellyBean is gradually picking up steam, we might see ICS adoption rates go down fast.

The latest data from Google published on the Android Developers website collates data from devices that have visited the Google Play Store within a 14 day period and is generally thought to be a fairly accurate indication of the current adoption rate status of various Android versions.

With Google likely to announce yet another version of Android soon – codenamed the Key Lime Pie, it would be interesting to see how the adoption rate of older versions is affected by its arrival.

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  • Jay

    they would get more if they would help the development community and kept phones from the planned obsolence cycle they are in… I was able to run it on my VM670 but I couldn’t really keep it because not enough worked.