About us

Mobile Geeks is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and is the brain child of Sascha Pallenberg and Nicole Scott. If you want to learn more about them, visit the team page.

If you’re curious what our content focuses on well, it’s all things mobile, and not just phones.  We came out of a love of Netbooks, which means we love tablets since they are the natural progression we of course also love their little brothers the smartphone.  Ultrabooks are the modern more powerful iteration of the Netbook, basically we can’t get enough of tech that allows you to take your work with you and be productive where ever you go.  Since all of these gadgets don’t run on their own, we also keep a close eye on the ecosystem that surrounds them, think, Android, Windows, Linux, iOS and beyond.

We’re bascially geeks with gadgets that love to talk about them!

If you want to check out our team and where to follow them here’s a list:

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