If there is one thing that people can’t resist it’s gossiping about Apple, watching blurry photo’s spread across the web it’s like watching ants converge on a picnic.  Rumors are picked over until they are a shell of their former self, in truth there is no other company that commands the level of rumor mongering usually only seen in 13 year old girls. Samsung definitely comes in second, but it’s not a close race.

8 Reasons Why the iPhone 5 Won’t Be a Break Through Product

The iPhone rumors seems to have firmed out around a September 21st launch date and if you’ve been following the rumors there are clear signs that the iPhone 5 won’t be a Revolution.

1. We’re Going to See an Evolution not a Revolution

To keep current, Apple is going to have to release a product with LTE and a quad core processor, but these are features that are already available on their competitor’s products. Coming to market with a marginally enlarged display does not mean that Apple has suddenly reinvented the phone.

2. What is a revolutionary or ‘Break Through’ prodcut?

In 2012, it really isn’t that easy to differentiate between competing smartphones. If we gave the high level specs of any phone they all start to sound the same, large dislay, 720p resolution, Super AMOLED display, 8MP camera, quad cores … blah, blah, blah. The mass production of high end technology is making it makes it harder and harder to say that “This is revolutionary.”

3. Apple hasn’t actually had a revolutionary iPhone update

Before you lay in on me, let’s take a closer look at the legitimately amazing success story and history of the first Apple iPhone, which was a revolutionary product. But the following generations we’ve only really seen rudimentary upgrades. After breaking the mold Apple seems to have lost interest in delivering radical updates. Admittedly every generation at last the updates is usaually slightly ahead of the competition, the dipslay quality for example, but the small size stopped it from being a definite advantage. They don’t take risks, and as they say, nothing risked, nothing gained. The iPhone is developed in small steps and the sales figures have given Apple the right to mosey along.

4. A Revolution would terrify the business customer

When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, it was aimed at the average consumer. But since then, it has evolved into the choice handset for many business in part due to the enormous number of extremely high quality apps.  If there is one thing that businesses are afraid of, it’s radical change.

5. Apple is just playing catch up

HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony and LG make technical leaps with each generation. The 2nd generation of the iPad and iPhone 4S basically just played catch up with their competition, they didn’t over take it.  The only real feature that the pushed the boundaries on was the display technology, but an awesome display does not make a breakthrough product.

6. Software Matters.

Apple’s iOS has not reinvented the mobile operating system, or even defined it, but they have revolutionized the market and created a brand that reaps much profit in annual updates. The closed ecosystem offers definite advantages when it comes to the integration of fundamental functions which makes it very popular.

7. Technology based gimmicks are expensive.

A transparent display? A 20MP camera or even a 1080p display? Revolutionary technologies are expensive and if Apple wants to really upset the competition, they need something to justify the price. Of course, Apple is a premium brand and clearly iPhone is a high end luxury item, but there comes a point, even for Apple when a revolution just isn’t possible.

8. Is a Revolution Even Necessary?

Nobody garners brand loyalty like Apple. Nobody dreams of achieving the emotional response Apple triggers with its customers. There is no doubt that the next iPhone will be a bestseller solely because of its customer base, so why, would Apple start revolutionizing what already works so well?

What do you think? Is the iPhone 5 worth the hype? What is a revolutionary update in today’s market? Will you be getting an iPhone 5?


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