Have you ever seen Minority Report? That world of controlling screens with your hands and your eyes is a reality…a very expensive reality but a reality nevertheless. A new Kickstarter project from 4titoo called NUIA EyeCharmer that will enable you to control your PC with your eye’s for only $60. Right now the only other hardware that lets you control your PC with your eye’s is from Tobii and we’re looking at $1000.

$60 Eye Tracker on Kick Starter Promises A Minority Report Future

What is most exciting is the affordability of eyeCharmer, the more developers have the technology in their hands the more applications we’re going to start to see roll out.

I don’t think that we’re going to exclusively be controlling technology without eyes, but it’s another layer of interaction. Touch screen displays and voice are new ways of interacting with your computer, but they are there to replace the mouse or track pad, they are there to increase your ability to interact with your device.

Being able to select an item to click rather than move the mouse may seem like you’re only saving a few seconds but imagine you’re working on multiple display’s. Never again will you have to drag your mouse from one side of the monitor to another. Gaming is obviously another field where it’s easy to see how useful eye tracking can be.

The eye Charmer works in combination with the Microsoft Kinect and is plug and play, all you need to do is install the software suite place the device below your monitor and you’re good to go. The only down side is if you don’t already have a Kinect you won’t be able to leverage it to get a next generation PC but it is a fraction of the cost of anything else on the market.

What is particularly interesting is that the developers who work with their SDK will find their apps compatible with every major eye tracking platform on the market.

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