The Xiaomi Mi4 was just launched and besides the fact that this is an amazing handset, the event kicked off a very controversial discussion about Xiaomi copying Apple. Well, here are my 2 cents

Not sure if you guys were following my live tweeting of the Xiaomi Mi4 launch yesterday but if you didn’t, Stewart summed the whole event up and tells you everything you need to know about the new Xiaomi Mi4.

Yes, the new Xiaomi Mi4 looks like an amazing handset, it’s got all the right specs and a stunning design. When you look at the price and what you get for your money it is quite safe to say that this handset will sell out in minutes during one of these famous Xiaomi online preorder-“happenings”

My 2 Cents – Is Xiaomi the most obvious Apple copy cat ever?

But this event yesterday also started a huge controversy among Apple users (ok, I have to be honest: not only Apple users). Once again the phrase “copy cat” made the rounds on the various social networks (especially in the US btw.)

It’s not a secret that the Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun is a huge fan of Steve Jobs and Apple, but somehow western media tried everything to really force him into the role of being the Chinese counterpart to Stevewhich actually started to annoy him.

0717_xiaomi-lei-jun_600I don’t wanna go into detail about the Chinese culture of copying things and how this is actually a high form of praise of the original, but I wanna ask some questions…

Yes, I do think that they are heavily copying Apple but just explain to me

  • What IP are they stealing?
  • Round edges?
  • The presentation style?
  • The business model?
  • What is it that’s actually protectable here?

We all know about the mother of all patent wars between Apple and Samsung and you might remember my rant about this:

So basically I took each and every patent that Apple used against Samsung and came up with its origins, the inventors, the guys who actually had these ideas ages before Apple blatantly copied them and filed patents. This isn’t only about being a copy cat but about a company that is bold enough to even patent inventions and ideas of their competitors, so they can ultimately use these patents against them!

Well, there is even more evidence to show you how shameless Apple has been when it came to stealing interesting designs and technologies

If we are talking about Xiaomi copying Apple, we should keep in mind that they are also copying Apple’s fundamental business strategy, which is copying ideas that are so generic and common sense that it is just not right to get patents for them.

Like it or don’t but this is how mankind evolved from the apes and we should focus on collaboration instead of wasting resources on these lawsuits. 

Neither Apple, Amazon, Google nor Microsoft will stop Xiaomi. These guys are not the next big thing, they are a big thing now and in the future! This is because of quality products, a great ecosystem and the combination of design and usability. 

Sounds like Apple, doesn’t it?

P.S. Of course I have one more thing for you guys… giving credit to the inventor of this iconic phrase:


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